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PDFWAC 173-153-160

When is a board-approved water right transfer that has been affirmed by ecology complete?

Who provides documentation of the transfer when it is completed?
(1) When an affirmed transfer has been completed and the transferred water right has been put to beneficial use, the person authorized to transfer the water right must submit satisfactory evidence to ecology showing the transfer has been completed in accordance with ecology's order authorizing the transfer of the water right. Upon verification of the extent of development as authorized, ecology will issue a change certificate, superseding permit, or a superseding certificate to the water right holder(s) to document that the approved transfer was accomplished. When evaluating the proposed water right transfer application, the board will consider and address in the report of examination any issues pertaining to completion of the development or the application of the water to a beneficial use of water as it is proposed to be changed.
Who receives a copy of the document identifying the perfection of the transfer approval?
(2) When a document, as described in subsection (1) of this section, is issued to the applicant, ecology shall provide a copy to the appropriate board for its records, if requested by the board. The document shall also be recorded, at the applicant's expense, by the county or counties in which the water is authorized for use.
What happens if the approved transfer is not completed within the development schedule or if the change authorization is canceled?
(3) If development of the approved transfer is not completed in accordance with the development schedule that accompanies the approval, extensions may be requested in accordance with RCW 90.03.320, and will be evaluated by ecology.
(4) If the person authorized to transfer a water right fails to accomplish the transfer in accordance with the authorization, or any subsequent extensions granted by ecology, and does not receive an extension from ecology, or fails to comply with the requirements of the transfer authorization, ecology will cancel the transfer authorization. Upon cancellation of the transfer authorization, ecology will evaluate the water right to make a tentative determination as to the present validity of the water right and the conditions under which the water right can legally be exercised.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 90.80.040. WSR 03-01-039 (Order 01-13), § 173-153-160, filed 12/9/02, effective 1/9/03. Statutory Authority: Chapter 90.80 RCW. WSR 99-23-101 (Order 98-11), § 173-153-160, filed 11/17/99, effective 12/18/99.]
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