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PDFWAC 173-145-080

Criteria for allocation of funds.

The priority given to projects by ecology, the counties, and other eligible municipal corporations shall involve consideration of the following criteria:
(1) The relationship of public benefits to total project costs;
(2) The priority that has already been established by each county;
(3) Intensity of local flood control management problems including, but not limited to, their inter-relationships with:
(a) Population affected;
(b) Property and related development affected;
(c) Land management and zoning;
(d) Existing flood control management practices.
(4) Where the CFCMP is completed and adopted, the following will be considered:
(a) Consistency with the plan or plan recommendations;
(b) Priority of the project as identified in the plan;
(c) Implementation of the plan or plan recommendations;
(d) Potential impacts of instream uses and resources;
(5) Where a CFCMP is being developed or has not been initiated, the following will be considered:
(a) Evidence of multijurisdictional cooperation necessary for development of a comprehensive county or multicounty comprehensive flood control management plan (CFCMP);
(b) Availability of qualified personnel or resources for planning purposes;
(c) Availability of qualified personnel or resources for project construction purposes;
(d) Other planning efforts undertaken or proposed within the planning jurisdiction and their relationship to flood control management;
(e) Ability to make rapid progress toward development of a comprehensive flood control management plan;
(f) Existing and proposed participation of community groups, private industry, professional organizations, the general public, and others toward the development and implementation of the proposed comprehensive flood control management plan.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 86.26.105. WSR 01-02-006 (Order 00-13), § 173-145-080, filed 12/21/00, effective 1/21/01. Statutory Authority: Chapter 86.26 RCW. WSR 87-04-022 (Order 86-36), § 173-145-080, filed 1/28/87; WSR 85-14-002 (Order DE 85-10), § 173-145-080, filed 6/21/85.]
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