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PDFWAC 173-134A-090

Responsibility for water management—Designation of critical management areas.

(1) The department of ecology shall be responsible for the water management and regulation program applicable to the comingled waters provided in this chapter, including the authorization of withdrawals of artificially stored groundwaters and regulation of the same. The department shall, in order to ensure compliance with the water regulation and administration programs of this chapter, issue regulatory orders. Such orders shall be issued pursuant to RCW 43.27A.190 through 43.27A.210 and shall be subject to review as provided in chapter 43.21B RCW, before the pollution control hearings board.
(2) In times of shortage of water available to satisfy all groundwater withdrawals authorized under WAC 173-134A-080(2), the department shall reduce withdrawals, through issuance of regulatory orders, in order of the priority date of the permit, with the latest priority being regulated first. In relation thereto, the department may designate critical management areas within the Quincy subarea based upon any of the following:
(a) Where there is an inadequate supply of water to the Potholes Reservoir and the Potholes canal system;
(b) When there is a shortage of water to satisfy groundwater withdrawals authorized under WAC 173-134A-080(2);
(c) Where existing wildlife, recreational, and other values associated with the general public interest are or will be detrimentally affected on a significant scale, or
(d) Where necessary to protect rights to withdraw public waters. Designation of critical management areas shall be made through issuance of regulatory orders which shall define the areas and specify if the regulatory period is permanent or not. During this management period, the department shall determine the allowable limits of withdrawal of artificially stored groundwater within the critical management area.
(3) As part of its enforcement program, the department shall terminate permits, through the issuance of regulatory orders, when permittees fail to comply with the terms of an executed agreement as provided in WAC 173-134A-130.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21A.060, 43.21A.080, 43.27A.090, 90.44.130, 90.54.040(2) and chapter 90.03 RCW. WSR 83-12-060 (Order DE 83-10), § 173-134A-090, filed 6/1/83. Formerly WAC 173-134-070.]
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