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PDFWAC 173-130A-030


For the purposes of this chapter, the following definitions shall be used:
(1) "Water table" shall mean the surface formed by mapping the altitude at which water stands in wells.
(2) "Priority" shall mean the date of receipt by the department of ecology or its predecessor of an acceptable application to appropriate public groundwater.
(3) "Department" shall mean the department of ecology.
(4) "Bore hole information" shall include data required to determine the extent and nature of subsurface geologic and hydrologic properties. Examples of bore hole information includes data contained on a completed department water well report form, all or a portion of a suite of geophysical logs such as resistivity, flow, caliper, and television video scanning.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21A.060, 43.21A.080, 43.27A.090, 90.44.130 and 90.54.040(2). WSR 82-16-103 (Order DE 82-27), ยง 173-130A-030, filed 8/4/82. Formerly WAC 173-130-030.]
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