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PDFWAC 172-100-220

Parking permits for permit-required lots.

(1) Standard permits: The university issues standard parking permits using license plate recognition technology. The permit is connected to any vehicle containing the license plate number identified by the owner at the time the permit is purchased. A permit may be attached to many license plate numbers on file, but only one vehicle attached to the permit is allowed on campus at a time during enforcement hours. Priority for issuance of standard permits will be given to university employees and students.
(2) EWU disabled parking permits: These permits are issued to university employees and students who are authorized to park in disabled parking areas and possess a current, state issued, disabled parking placard, license plate, and/or year tab.
(3) Retiree permits: Individuals who have retired from EWU are entitled to a retiree parking permit at an annual discounted price based on space availability. Retiree permits entitle retirees access to parking in designated areas while attending retiree functions sponsored by the university. Retiree permits are subject to the following:
(a) Retiree permits may not be used to park in residence hall lots.
(b) Retiree permits do not entitle the retiree to free parking during special events.
(c) Retiree permits may only be used by the retiree.
(d) Retiree permits may not be used by a retiree who is employed by the university.
(e) If a retiree permit is used in violation of the above conditions, the university may revoke the retiree's permit.
(4) Special ('S') permits: The 'S' permit may be issued to university employees whose duties require frequent visits or deliveries to other campus locations. The permit allows employees to park their vehicles in undesignated lots for official campus duties. Issuance and use of 'S' permits is subject to the following:
(a) Requests: University employees may request an 'S' permit through parking services. Requests for an 'S' permit must describe the employee's duties that justify the 'S' permit, including detailed information regarding the frequency and nature of the employee's intra-campus business activities and why a departmental permit is inadequate to support those activities. Requests must be endorsed by the president or appropriate vice president. The vice president for business and finance, or designee, is the approval authority for 'S' permits.
(b) Issuance. The parking services office shall provide an 'S' permit to an employee who has been authorized by their department's vice president to obtain an 'S' permit and has purchased a core lot permit and paid the additional 'S' permit fee.
(c) Use: 'S' permits may only be used for the purpose of conducting official university business. 'S' permits may be used to park in any campus parking lot, loading zone, or service area, on a space-available basis, limited to the time needed to conduct university business. They may not be used for personal use or convenience.
(d) Restrictions: 'S' permits do not authorize parking in disabled parking spaces unless the person is authorized to park in disabled parking spaces under these rules. 'S' permits are not valid at meters, fire lanes, safety zones, yellow curbs or zones, designated "no parking" areas, or other areas not designated for parking.
(e) Availability: The vice president for business and finance may limit the number of 'S' permits that are available for issuance throughout the university, and/or to departments or units.
(5) Guest permits: Campus guests and persons doing business with the university may be issued a guest permit allowing them to park in designated lots on campus, subject to the following:
(a) Guest permits are valid for the dates and locations specified at the time of issuance.
(b) A fee may be charged for a guest permit.
(c) A guest permit will not be issued to persons intending to make personal solicitations from or personal sales to university employees or students.
(d) Guest permits do not authorize parking in spaces that are reserved.
(e) Guests may park in disabled parking spaces so long as their vehicle displays the guest permit along with a current, state-issued disabled parking placard, license plate, and/or year tab.
(6) Duplicate permits and car pool permits: Additional vehicle license plate numbers may be listed under the original purchaser accounts, but only one motor vehicle bearing the duplicate permit number may park in the designated parking lot at a time. Violation of this section will subject each vehicle involved to a fine.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.35.120(12). WSR 20-12-060, § 172-100-220, filed 5/29/20, effective 6/29/20; WSR 13-24-119, § 172-100-220, filed 12/4/13, effective 1/4/14.]
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