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PDFWAC 162-12-170

Conditions for inquiries to applicants.

An employer or employment agency may ask an applicant to voluntarily state his or her protected status for reasons stated in WAC 162-12-150 and 162-12-160 only if it has satisfied all of the following conditions:
(1) The employer shall have adopted a written equal employment policy which authorizes the inquiries as a means of monitoring its enforcement, and which sets out detailed procedures for keeping the responses confidential and separate from other records relating to applicants, in fulfillment of the requirements of WAC 162-12-160(2); and
(2) The form on which the question appears contains statements clearly informing the applicant the information is strictly voluntary, the reasons for asking for the information, the uses to which the information will be put, and the safeguards that will prevent use of the information by those who will process the application.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 49.60.120(3). WSR 00-01-177, § 162-12-170, filed 12/21/99, effective 1/21/00; WSR 96-21-054, § 162-12-170, filed 10/14/96, effective 11/14/96; Order 18, § 162-12-170, filed 1/20/75; Order 16, § 162-12-170, filed 5/22/74; Order 9, § 162-12-170, filed 9/23/71; § 162-12-170, filed 10/23/67.]
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