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PDFWAC 16-70-005


For the purpose of this chapter:
"Animal" means any animal species except fish and insects including all those so classified as wild, captive wild, exotic wild, alternative livestock, semidomesticated, domestic or farm.
"Case" means a mammalian species including piscine or apian, alive or dead, with a diagnosis or suspected diagnosis of a disease.
"New, emerging, or unusual animal diseases" means diseases in animals that have never or rarely been observed in Washington state (new or emerging); or appear in a new species; or show evidence of higher pathogenicity; or appear in a higher than expected number of animals clustered in time or space. Any of these diseases may or may not be of potential public health significance.
"Reportable disease list" means the list of diseases identified in Table 1 of WAC 16-70-020.
"Veterinary laboratory" means a private or state-funded place equipped for performing diagnostic or investigative procedures on submitted specimens from animals and fish by personnel who conduct such procedures for, and report to, Washington state licensed veterinarians or sample submitter.
"WOAH notifiable disease list" means the diseases listed by the WOAH in the Terrestrial Animal Health Code (2022). The WOAH notifiable disease list may be found at
"WOAH" means World Organisation of Animal Health, founded as OIE (Office International des Epizooties).
"Zoonotic" means a disease that can be transmitted between animals and humans.
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