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PDFWAC 16-585-050

Time—Place—Method for payment and collection of assessments—Landing reports.

The following procedure is established for the reporting and paying of assessments:
(1) At the time of Puget Sound gillnet salmon landing, first sale or completion of a Washington department of fish and wildlife landing receipt (fish ticket), the producer shall pay and the handler shall collect and deduct from the price paid to the producer the producer's two percent assessment on the landed value of the Puget Sound gillnet salmon. This collection and deduction shall be accurately reported on the fish ticket.
(2) No later than thirty days from the last day of any month in which any Puget Sound gillnet salmon has been obtained by a handler, each such handler shall:
(a) Remit to the board all sums required to be collected and deducted from affected producers upon their landings during that month for a total of two percent of the landed value of Puget Sound gillnet salmon obtained by that handler during that month.
(b) Provide to the board with such remittance a report indicating the full name, address, and commercial salmon fishing license number of each affected producer from whom the said handler has purchased or obtained affected commodity during the said month and for each such affected producer, indicate the landed value of the Puget Sound gillnet salmon purchased or obtained, and the amount of the producer's two percent assessment which has been collected from that producer.
(3) The board may require cold storage facilities storing Puget Sound gillnet salmon to file with the board information and reports regarding the amount of the affected commodity in storage, the date of receipt, and the name, address, and commercial salmon fishing license number of each such owner, and may require that such Puget Sound gillnet salmon not be shipped from a cold storage facility until the facility has been notified by the commission that the commodity owner has paid the commission for any assessments imposed by this marketing order.
(4) All assessments due from affected producers under this order shall be payable at the time of completion of a Washington department of fish and wildlife landing receipt (fish ticket) and shall be paid by the producer and collected by the handler at that time and shall be remitted to the board as provided in this order.
(5) Producer-handlers shall pay the producer assessments and shall fulfill all the responsibilities of handlers and producers under this order including the collection, recordkeeping, reporting, and remittance of assessments.
(6) When, in the judgment of the board, a particular handler or producer-handler has demonstrated its unreliability to make the collection or remittance of the producer assessments called for in this order, the board may require that said handler or producer-handler not transport, carry, ship, sell, market or otherwise handle or dispose of any of the affected commodity until every due and payable assessment provided for under this order has been paid to the board and the receipt issued.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 15.65.047 and chapter 34.05 RCW. WSR 05-13-008, § 16-585-050, filed 6/3/05, effective 7/4/05. Statutory Authority: RCW 15.65.050 and chapter 16.65 WAC [ 15.65 RCW]. WSR 95-15-102, § 16-585-050, filed 7/19/95, effective 8/19/95.]
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