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PDFWAC 16-54-101

SheepImportation and testing requirements.

Import health requirements.
(1) A certificate of veterinary inspection must accompany all sheep entering Washington state. The certificate of veterinary inspection must state that the sheep:
(a) Are clinically free from the signs of infectious diseases, including footrot, sore mouth, and caseous lymphadenitis; and
(b) Originated from a flock in which scrapie has not been diagnosed in the past five years or are from a flock enrolled in the USDA Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program described in Title 9 C.F.R. Part 54 (January 1, 2014);
(c) Are officially identified with official individual identification. Sheep required to be officially individually identified include:
(i) All breeding sheep;
(ii) All sexually intact sheep imported for exhibition;
(iii) All sheep over eighteen months of age.
Import test requirements.
(2) All breeding rams over six months of age require an entry permit.
(3) The certificate of veterinary inspection must state that the rams:
(a) Tested negative on an ELISA test for Brucella ovis within sixty days before entering Washington state; and
(b) Are palpated and certified free of any evidence of epididymitis; and
(c) Are individually identified with an official individual identification. Each ram's official individual identification number, test results, and the date of the test must be entered on the certificate of veterinary inspection accompanying the animal.
Exemptions to import health and test requirements.
(4) Sheep entering Washington for show or exhibition purposes and returning to their home state are exempt from testing requirements. A certificate of veterinary inspection is required.
(5) Sheep entering Washington state for immediate slaughter at a federally inspected slaughter facility are exempt from the certificate of veterinary inspection and testing requirements.
(6) Official individual identification is not required on slaughter sheep less than eighteen months of age.
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