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PDFWAC 16-54-071

Domestic equine and equine reproductive productsImportation requirements.

Import health requirements.
(1)(a) In addition to the other requirements of this chapter, all domestic equine and equine reproductive products entering Washington state must be accompanied by a certificate of veterinary inspection.
(b) Equine vaccinated against equine viral arteritis (EVA) must be accompanied by a vaccination certificate.
(c) Reproductive products from donors that test positive for EVA must be accompanied by an application and entry permit.
(d) Domestic equine from the western states of Oregon, Idaho, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico may enter Washington state for shows, rides, or other events either with a certificate of veterinary inspection or with a document similar to the Equine Certificate of Veterinary Inspection and Movement Permit. Individual trips cannot exceed ninety days.
(e) An itinerary of interstate travel must be filed with the department within fourteen days of the expiration of the movement permit.
(2) All certificates and forms may be obtained from and sent to:
Washington State Department of Agriculture
Animal Services Division
1111 Washington Street S.E.
P.O. Box 42577
Olympia, Washington 98504-2577
Import test requirements.
Equine infectious anemia (EIA).
(3) All domestic equine, except foals under six months of age accompanying their negative tested dams, must have a negative test for equine infectious anemia (EIA) within twelve months before entering Washington state.
Equine viral arteritis (EVA).
(4) Intact males over six months of age and equine reproductive products from donors that test positive for EVA may enter Washington state only if accompanied by an entry permit and a statement on the certificate of veterinary inspection verifying that the consignee:
(a) Has been advised of the positive antibody test results and the associated risks of EVA infection;
(b) Agrees to follow the recommendations of the Office International des Epizooties of the World Organization of Animal Health regarding EVA and USDA recommendations found in the Equine Viral Arteritis Uniform Methods and Rules, effective April 19, 2004; and
(c) Consents to the shipment.
(5) Intact males that test antibody positive for EVA are required to have an entry permit and may be subject to quarantine or a hold order.
(6) Equine semen and embryos require an entry permit and must originate from donors that have proof of vaccination or a negative antibody test for EVA during the current breeding season.
(7) Equine semen and embryos from antibody positive donors must be used or implanted only in vaccinated or seropositive mares. These mares must be isolated for twenty-one days following insemination or implantation.
(8) Additional testing for EVA may be required during emergency disease conditions declared by the director.
(9) Any equine that has ever tested positive for piroplasmosis may not enter Washington state.
(10) Any equine that has originated from a country or state where piroplasmosis is endemic must be negative to a C-ELISA test within thirty days before entry into Washington state, and are subject to a quarantine order upon arrival and retested within sixty to ninety days. Horses that test positive on the post-arrival C-ELISA test are not permitted to remain in the state and must be removed.
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