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PDFWAC 16-483-050

Grape pest quarantineExemptions.

(1) The restrictions on the movement of regulated articles set forth in this chapter do not apply to grape planting stock imported for experimental or trial purposes by the United States Department of Agriculture or Washington State University, provided the director's written permission is first obtained.
(2) The Clean Plant Center Northwest is not required to obtain the director's permission when exchanging G1 material between G1 foundation sources.
(3) The department, upon receipt of an application in writing, may issue a compliance agreement allowing movement into this state, or movement within this state, of regulated articles not otherwise eligible for movement under the provisions of this quarantine order. Movement of such articles will be subject to any conditions or restrictions stipulated in the agreement. These conditions and restrictions may vary depending upon the intended use of the article and the potential risk of introduction or spread of a harmful pest or disease.
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