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PDFWAC 16-462-027

Virus sampling and testing requirements for registered (G2/G3) grapevines.

(1) In addition to required visual inspections, all registered (G2/G3) grapevines may be tested by the department for regionally occurring viruses regulated under this chapter, on a five-year rotation. Regionally occurring viruses are those that can be vectored within the registered block. Pests to be tested for will be recommended annually by consensus of an agency recognized industry stakeholder group with representation for the Pacific Northwest region.
(2) Testing will be prioritized as follows:
(a) All vines showing symptoms upon visual inspection by the department will be tested immediately.
(b) Vines of varieties with the highest distribution by the nursery.
(c) Vines of varieties considered unlikely to show visual symptoms of virus shall be sampled and tested at twenty percent per year, or as directed by the department.
(d) Other vines not described above.
(3) The department and entities authorized by the department will test registered G2 grapevines by methods consistent with those utilized by the Clean Plant Center Northwest.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 15.14.015 and 15.13.260. WSR 20-20-050, ยง 16-462-027, filed 10/1/20, effective 11/1/20.]
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