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PDFWAC 16-462-022

Requirements for certified grape planting stock (G4).

(1) Certified grape planting stock, including all components of budded or grafted plants, must be propagated from cuttings taken from G1, G2, or G3 grapevines.
(2) Cuttings from registered blocks must be sorted and kept separate by variety and selection number or clone.
(3) Treatment to control nematodes and other soil-borne pests may be required at any time by the department.
(4) Certified grape planting stock must be separated from noncertified grapevines by one of the following distances. This requirement does not apply to certified grape planting stock grown in a fully enclosed greenhouse, screenhouse or laboratory, as long as that facility does not contain noncertified grapevines.
(a) Ten feet for any land treated to control nematodes; or
(b) Twenty feet for land not specifically treated to control nematodes.
(5) Certification is based solely on compliance with the requirements prescribed in WAC 16-462-050 and other requirements of this chapter.
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