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PDFWAC 16-439-200


In addition to the definitions found in RCW 15.17.020, the following definitions apply to all varieties and grades under this chapter:
"Aggregate area" means areas under consideration on a pear's surface that may be combined into an area with a diameter equal to the maximum diameter specified.
"Carefully picked" means pears do not show evidence of either rough handling or having been on the ground.
"Clean" means reasonably free from dust, dirt, or honey dew.
"Department" means the Washington state department of agriculture.
"Director" means the director of the department or the director's representative.
"Free from damage" means the fruit is free from any blemish that materially affects the appearance of the fruit.
"Free from serious damage" means the fruit is not seriously deformed or disfigured or the edible or culinary value is not seriously affected by defects. Healed insect depressions or other surface blemishes that do not prevent the cutting of one good half are not considered serious damage.
"Hard end pear" means a pear that shows an abnormally yellow or green color at the blossom end, or an abnormally smooth, rounded base with little or no depression at the calyx, or a pear with an abnormally dry and tough or woody flesh near the calyx. Hard end pears are considered defects of all grades.
"Mature" means pears that have reached a stage of maturity that will ensure proper completion of the ripening process.
"Not seriously misshapen" means the pear must have a shape that permits the cutting of three fairly uniform quarters, is not excessively flattened or elongated for the variety, and is free from excessive creases or folds.
"Rat tail pear" means any rat tail shaped or second bloom pear that is tough or ridged. Rat tail pears are considered defects of all grades.
"Sound" means pears, at the time of packing, are free from visible defects such as decay, breakdown, scald, bitter pit, or from physical injury that affects keeping quality.
"Well formed" means having the shape characteristic of the variety.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 15.17 RCW, RCW 15.17.030, and chapter 34.05 RCW. WSR 09-01-095, § 16-439-200, filed 12/16/08, effective 1/16/09; Order 1033, § 1, filed 10/10/66, effective 11/10/66; Order 930, General Regulation, filed 8/6/63; Emergency Order 922, filed 6/7/63.]
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