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PDFWAC 16-42-026

Restricted products.

(1) All veterinary biologics now in existence or newly developed to diagnose, prevent, or combat the following diseases are declared by the director to be of such a nature that their control is necessary to protect animal health:
(a) Avian influenza.
(b) Anthrax.
(c) Bluetongue.
(d) Brucellosis.
(e) Equine infectious anemia.
(f) Equine viral arteritis.
(g) Paratuberculosis.
(h) Pseudorabies.
(i) Rabies.
(j) Tuberculosis.
(k) Foot and mouth.
(l) Vesicular stomatitis.
(m) All conditionally approved vaccines.
(2) All veterinary biologics used to control or diagnose any of the diseases listed in subsection (1) of this section are restricted, and may only be purchased, administered, or otherwise used by or under the direct supervision of veterinarians licensed under chapter 18.92 RCW, or by state or federal veterinarians. The director may authorize others by written permit to purchase the veterinary biologics listed in subsection (1) of this section for research agencies or laboratories authorized by the department, for emergency disease control programs, or for other limited and controlled purposes.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 16.36.040 and chapter 34.05 RCW. WSR 08-13-103, § 16-42-026, filed 6/18/08, effective 7/19/08. Statutory Authority: RCW 16.36.040. WSR 00-17-072, § 16-42-026, filed 8/14/00, effective 9/14/00.]
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