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PDFWAC 16-401-027

Schedule of fees and chargesApplicable rates and charges.

The following rates apply for requested inspection services:
(1) Fee or Charge:
Hourly rate—business hours
Hourly rate—nonbusiness hours
Certificate issued at time of inspection
No charge
Certificate issued more than twenty-four hours after the inspection
Additional certificates
Fumigation lot or container fee
Certificate of plant health for noncommercial movement
Compliance agreement
Inspection tags or stickers (lots of 250)
$10.00 per lot
(2) Mileage at the established office of financial management rate (schedule A), per diem and other authorized travel expenses at actual cost, and travel time at the applicable hourly rate may be assessed for requested inspections that are not a part of a regular work schedule. Such charge may be prorated among applicants if more than one applicant is provided service during a workday or trip when mileage and/or per diem are applicable.
(3) Inspections for phytosanitary certification, including growing season field inspections, are provided at the applicable hourly rate provided in subsection (1) of this section except where an alternate certification inspection fee is provided in statute, in rule, or by a written agreement between the department and an industry entity, university, or public agency. When growing season field inspections for phytosanitary certification and regulatory inspections are performed simultaneously, the first two hours of inspection each calendar year for nurseries licensed under WAC 16-401-041 (1)(b) or (2)(a); and the first four hours of inspection per calendar year for nurseries licensed under WAC 16-401-041 (1)(c) or (2)(b), are without charge.
There is no additional charge for the first phytosanitary certificate issued at the time of the inspection.
(4) Inspection and certification of nonplant material or equipment for sanitation (freedom from soil or pests) by visual examination or through witnessing a prescribed treatment (steam cleaning, hydro-washing, etc.) is charged at the applicable hourly rate.
(5) Witnessing and certification of fumigation is charged at the applicable hourly rate, plus a per lot or container fee.
(6) The department may also charge fees and/or surcharges for transmittal to federal agencies.
(7) The department may issue a certificate of plant health for noncommercial movement of plant materials between states by unlicensed persons, up to a maximum of five plants, and provided that the plants are brought to a plant services office for inspection.
When two or more types of inspection, provided in this section, are performed simultaneously, only one hourly rate applies. One certificate for one service is issued at no charge.
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