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WAC 16-390-240

USDA audit verification and terminal market inspection fees.

WSDA performs audit and inspection services requested by customers under a "cooperative agreement" with the United States Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Marketing Service (USDA/AMS). Under USDA/AMS rules, WSDA provides these services as a "federal-state inspection agency." Under USDA/AMS regulations and the cooperative agreement, the fees that WSDA charges for these services must be no less than the current USDA/AMS fees for these services. The applicable current USDA/AMS fees were published in the Federal Register at Vol. 82, No. 88, on May 9, 2017, under the "Fruit and Vegetable Fees" table and, for the mileage fee related to terminal market inspection, in Patch #32, dated July 25, 2018, for incorporation in the USDA/AMS "General Market Manual" at Appendix II, "Schedule of User Fees." In conformity with the cooperative agreement, WSDA adopts the same applicable fees for these services as set forth in this section.
(1) The fee for USDA audit verification services is $108.00 per hour.
(2) Mileage related to audit verification services is charged at the rate established by the Washington state office of financial management at the time the service was performed.
(3) The fee for terminal market inspection services is $85.00 per hour, $191.00 per lot for a carlot equivalent of each product, and $159.00 per lot for one-half carlot equivalent or less of each product. The fee for each additional lot of the same product is $79.00. The overtime fee for terminal market inspection services is an additional $27.00 per hour. The fee for terminal market inspection services on a holiday is an additional $63.00 per hour. The mileage fee related to terminal market inspection services is $1.96 per mile. USDA fees for lots and mileage are regulated by 7 C.F.R. 51.38 and 51.40.
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