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PDFWAC 16-333-061

Site requirements for foundation, registered and certified caneberry planting stock.

(1) Prior to planting foundation, registered, or certified planting stock, the grower must obtain approval from the department for each field site or facility.
(2) For approval by the department, a field site for growing foundation, registered, or certified planting stock must comply with each of the following criteria:
(a) The site has not been planted to caneberry plants or solanaceous crops for the previous five years, or the entire site has been tarp fumigated with chloropicrin and methyl bromide or other equivalent soil treatments approved by the department.
(b) The entire site is at least five hundred feet from any noncertified Rubus plants.
(c) The site has been treated for plant parasitic nematodes using methods recommended by the Washington State University Cooperative Agricultural Extension Service, and its soil has been tested and found free of harmful plant parasitic nematodes.
(3) In order to grow foundation or registered caneberry planting stock in a greenhouse or screenhouse, the grower must use a pasteurized growing media, free of plant pests and vectors of virus pests.
(4) Upon request, growers must provide records to the department documenting fumigations, treatments, and tests.
(5) A map identifying cultivars and lots at each site must be provided to the department by the grower.
(6) Growers must tag all lots identifying the cultivar and/or the lot number.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 15.14 RCW. WSR 00-19-035, ยง 16-333-061, filed 9/12/00, effective 10/13/00.]
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