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PDFWAC 16-324-391

Eligibility requirements.

(1) Only seed potatoes derived from plants that have been disease tested and certified by an official certification agency are eligible for certification.
(2) Only seed lots that meet or exceed the minimum requirements as established in this chapter are eligible for certification. A seed lot that has more than a trace amount of virus disease noted during any field inspection is not eligible for recertification, unless it has been postharvest tested and meets the minimum standards established in WAC 16-324-420.
(3) A postharvest test is required for seed lots that will be recertified, except when planted back on the same seed potato farm.
(4) In order to be eligible for certification in Washington state, seed lots from other states or countries must be eligible for recertification in the state or country of origin and must meet the requirements of this chapter.
(5) A seed lot blended from two or more different sources of seed is not eligible for recertification.
(6) A seed lot infected with powdery scab is not eligible for recertification.
(7) Generation 5 (G5) seed lots are not eligible for recertification.
(8) The director may grant written permission to allow seed potato lots that fail to meet the eligibility requirements to be planted for recertification. Such written permission shall specify the conditions under which planting is allowed. Prior to granting permission, the director shall consult with the Washington state seed potato commission.
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