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PDFWAC 16-306-160

Hemp THC testing fees.

(1) Hemp will be tested for THC concentration in a department-run or approved laboratory as determined by the department using testing methods approved by the department.
(2) Hemp testing will take place at times and on dates determined by the department.
(3) Fees for hemp THC tests are paid by the licensee.
(4) No renewal licenses will be issued until all fees due to the department are paid in full.
(5) THC concentration testing fees for hemp when tested at the department's laboratory are established on a sliding rate scale. THC concentration testing will be scheduled by the department based on the availability of laboratory resources. Individual samples may be batched with samples from the same or different licensees in order to reduce the overall cost of the testing. For the purposes of this section, "batch" means a group of samples that are tested by the department on the same day, using the same equipment calibration and testing supplies to test each sample independently from other samples in the batch. The department will bill each licensee for the samples that licensee provides, based on batch size at the time of testing as shown in the following table:
Batch Size
Testing Fee Per Sample
Batch of 1 sample
Batch of 2 samples
Batch of 3 samples
Batch of 4 samples
Batch of 5 samples
(6) When THC concentration testing is performed at department-approved laboratories, testing fees will be subject to actual laboratory costs, including sample transportation.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 15.140.030 and chapter 34.05 RCW. WSR 20-03-174, ยง 16-306-160, filed 1/22/20, effective 2/22/20.]
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