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PDFWAC 16-302-110

Completion of seed certificationTagging, labeling, or sealing.

(1) The seed certification tag, label or seal is evidence of the genetic identity and purity of the contents must be attached to a container of certified seed prior to distribution. Seed that fails to meet certification standards because of genetic purity is not eligible for labeling.
(2) Seed certification tags, labels, and seals must be obtained from the certifying agency except as allowed in WAC 16-302-390, and must be attached to seed containers in accordance with the certifying agency's rules.
(3) Certification of seed is valid only if the tag, label or seal is affixed to each container in accordance with the AOSCA procedures as shown in WAC 16-301-010.
(4) No tag, label or seal may be removed and reused without permission of the certifying agency.
(5) A certified seed sale certificate will be issued upon completion of final certification for all seed to be sold in bulk. This certificate must accompany any shipment or transfers including those to other seed plants, out-of-state shipments or with any brokered seed. The seed plants own invoice may be used in lieu of a certified seed sale certificate for retail sales to growers. The invoice must contain the certification information from the certified seed sale certificate as well as labeling information as required in WAC 16-301-015, 16-301-020, and 16-301-030.
(6) Seed that fails to meet certification requirements on factors other than genetic purity may be designated substandard at the discretion of the certifying agency. The certification tag or label attached to the seed must clearly show the reason the seed is substandard. Seed may not be tagged substandard if the seed can be remilled to meet minimum seed standards.
(7) Refer to chapter 16-301 WAC for seed labeling requirements.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 15.49.005, 15.49.081, 15.49.310, 15.49.370(3), and chapter 34.05 RCW. WSR 14-20-050, § 16-302-110, filed 9/25/14, effective 10/26/14. Statutory Authority: Chapters 15.49 and 34.05 RCW. WSR 03-18-072, § 16-302-110, filed 8/29/03, effective 9/29/03. Statutory Authority: RCW 15.49.005, 15.49.081, 15.49.310, 15.49.370(3) and chapter 17.24 RCW. WSR 00-24-077, § 16-302-110, filed 12/4/00, effective 1/4/01.]
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