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PDFWAC 16-302-091

Program for early sampling of ryegrass.

The procedure for participating in the program for early sampling of ryegrass is as follows:
(1) Any company participating in this program must submit a report to the seed program listing the grower, acreage, variety, and field number of each field to be enrolled. This report must be filed by June 15th of each year. For fields that are in their second year of production or beyond, all lab numbers of tests from the previous year must also be provided.
(2) The seed company is responsible for having their field personnel sample each field in the windrow. The sample must be obtained from well-distributed points throughout the field. It is recommended that samples be thrashed and cleaned prior to testing. An additional fee will be charged for samples that are not cleaned. Samples must be forwarded to the seed program with the following information: The crop and variety, field number, grower, the name of the seed company, and a request for germination and fluorescence test. The sample must also indicate that it is being submitted under the early sampling program for ryegrass.
(3) At the time of conditioning the seed, a composite sample must be submitted to the seed program for purity testing. The sample information must indicate the seed is from a field under the early sampling program for ryegrass. In addition to providing complete certification information, the lab number on which the fluorescence test was conducted must also be provided. The seed program may run a fluorescence test on the composite sample to verify the results from the early sample.
(4) Certification tags will be issued upon completion of all required testing meeting the minimum certification standards for ryegrass. A tagging request must be filed with the seed program.
(5) Failure to comply with the requirements of this section will result in the disqualification of the seed company from the early sampling program for the year.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 15.49.005, 15.49.081, 15.49.310, 15.49.370(3), and chapter 34.05 RCW. WSR 14-20-050, § 16-302-091, filed 9/25/14, effective 10/26/14. Statutory Authority: Chapters 15.49 and 34.05 RCW. WSR 02-12-060, § 16-302-091, filed 5/30/02, effective 6/30/02. Statutory Authority: RCW 15.49.005, 15.49.081, 15.49.310, 15.49.370(3) and chapter 17.24 RCW. WSR 00-24-077, § 16-302-091, filed 12/4/00, effective 1/4/01.]
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