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PDFWAC 16-228-1546

What are the requirements for a private applicator license?

(1) To qualify for a private applicator license, an individual must pass a private applicator examination. The examination shall be written and taken without the aid of any materials that contain information relevant to the exam content. Reading of exams by an individual other than the applicant is not permitted. Individuals holding valid, passing scores on the laws and safety examination, or equivalent, or the dealer manager exam, and one of the classifications in WAC 16-228-1545 (3)(a)(iii) or (xiv) or the now retired statewide classification, are exempt from this examination requirement.
(2) Private applicators making aquatic applications to water that moves off their own or their employer's agricultural land must obtain the aquatic classification described in WAC 16-228-1545 (3)(a)(i). Private applicators applying soil fumigants may obtain the soil fumigation classification described in WAC 16-228-1545 (3)(a)(x) as an option to meet label required active ingredient training.
(3) A passing score of seventy percent is established for the examinations required under this section. The department may establish separate passing scores for the examinations if a validated process is used. Passing scores are valid for obtaining a license in the calendar year in which the examination is taken plus the following calendar year.
(4) The department may waive the examination requirements contained in this section for any person holding a valid certification with similar classifications from an EPA or Canadian approved federal, state or provincial certification program with comparable examination and recertification standards.
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