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PDFWAC 16-228-1540

What are the requirements for pesticide examinations?

(1) An examination fee of $25 shall be paid prior to administration of any paper-based pesticide or structural pest inspector license examinations.
(2) An examination fee of not more than $65 shall be paid prior to the administration of each computer-based pesticide or structural pest inspector license examination. If a third-party entity administers a computer-based licensing exam, an applicant shall pay the exam cost established in the vendor's contract with the department, not to exceed the amount set in this section. The department will post this exam fee to its website.
(3) The director may administer the pesticide exams, may contract with an examination or testing vendor to administer the exams, or both.
(4) The department reserves the right to restrict the number of applicants taking examinations at any given time.
(5) Any individual who fails any pesticide licensing examination twice shall be required to wait at least 14 days before retaking that examination a third time. Subsequent testing shall be at the director's discretion.
(6) An applicant shall complete the application form for a pesticide or structural pest inspector license and pay the required license application fee and testing fee at the time pesticide or structural pest inspector examinations are given, unless prior arrangements have been made.
(7) Pesticide and structural pest inspector examination scores shall not be released by the department until the license application fee and testing fee have been paid.
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