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PDFWAC 16-19-330

Requirements for preparation and storage of meat and meat food products.

(1) Inspected meat and uninspected meat must be stored and prepared separately at all times. Separate meat storage areas must be designated for inspected and uninspected meat and meat food products. There must be no physical contact between inspected and uninspected meat.
(2) There must be a complete equipment cleanup after preparation of uninspected meat.
(3) Meat food products offered for sale as fully cooked must be heated in all parts to the following minimum temperatures before delivery to a household user:
(a) Beef 145°F for three minutes or, comminuted (ground) beef products 155°F for fifteen seconds.
(b) Pork 145°F for three minutes or 150°F for one minute.
(c) Any products containing poultry or meat food birds must be cooked to an internal temperature of at least 165°F for fifteen seconds.
(4) Any cooked or partially cooked meat food product not delivered to a household user within two hours of heating must be placed in a cooler allowing adequate air circulation that is maintained at an ambient temperature of 45°F or less within two hours after removal from the heating source (smoker).
(5) Any processing of food other than meat must be done at different times from processing of meat. Any common equipment, utensils, or food contact surfaces used in the preparation of meat, meat food products, and other food products must be sanitized between periods of processing. Processing food, other than meat food animals or meat food birds, whether for the owner or for wholesale distribution, requires obtaining a food processing license from the department. Specific requirements and information on food processing plant licensing may be obtained from the department.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 16.49.680. WSR 99-12-021, § 16-19-330, filed 5/24/99, effective 6/24/99.]
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