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PDFWAC 16-19-015

Further definitions.

The following definitions apply in this chapter.
(1) "Carcass" means all or any parts, including viscera, of a slaughtered animal capable of being used for human food.
(2) "Equipment" means all machinery, fixtures, containers, vessels, tools, implements, and apparatus used in and around a custom slaughtering or meat handling establishment, and vehicles used to transport meat.
(3) "Meat" means the carcass, parts of carcass, meat and meat food products derived in whole or in part from meat food animals.
(4) "Meat by-product" means any edible part other than meat that has been derived from one or more meat food animals.
(5) "Meat food bird" for the purposes of processing the carcass shall mean a ratite weighing over one hundred pounds live weight. Ratites weighing less than one hundred pounds live weight may be processed either as poultry or as a "meat food bird."
(6) "Meat handling establishment" means any place of business where uninspected meat is stored, frozen, cut, wrapped, or otherwise prepared.
(7) "Identifying" means marking, stamping or tagging each half, quarter, and edible part of slaughtered food animal carcasses in a manner approved by the director, for the purpose of tracing such part to the person doing the slaughtering.
(8) "Operator" includes any owner, lessee, or manager of a custom slaughtering or meat handling establishment.
(9) "Prepared" means canned, salted, rendered, boned, cut up or otherwise manufactured, or processed.
(10) "Prepackaged inspected meat" means any inspected meat or meat food product prepared from inspected meat processed or prepared by establishments subject to inspection under a federal meat inspection act and packaged and sealed in a container or wrapping bearing the mark of federal inspection.
(11) "Unwholesome" includes meat products that may be diseased, contaminated, putrid, unsound, unhealthful, or otherwise unfit for slaughter for any reason that would make them unfit for human food.
(12) "Sanitize" means use of an effective bactericidal treatment process that provides enough accumulated heat or concentration of chemicals for a period of time sufficient to reduce the bacterial count, including pathogens, to a safe level.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 16.49.680. WSR 99-12-021, ยง 16-19-015, filed 5/24/99, effective 6/24/99.]
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