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PDFWAC 148-108-010

Adoption of model rules of procedure.

The model rules of procedure adopted by the chief administrative law judge pursuant to RCW 34.05.250, as now or hereafter amended, are hereby adopted for use at the school, with the following exception: WAC 10-08-190 Adjudicative proceedings—Cameras—Recording devices. See WAC 148-108-090 which determines the use of cameras and recording devices at adjudicative proceedings. Those rules may be found in chapter 10-08 WAC. Other procedural rules adopted in this title are supplementary to the model rules of procedure. In the case of a conflict between the model rules of procedure and procedural rules adopted in this title, the procedural rules adopted by the school shall govern.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 72.40.022, 34.05.220 (1)(a) and 34.05.250. WSR 90-16-013, § 148-108-010, filed 7/19/90, effective 8/19/90.]
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