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PDFWAC 140-09-128

Adoption by reference.

This part contains rules for consulting, commenting, and responding on all environmental documents under SEPA, including rules for public notice and hearings. The corporation adopts the following sections of chapter 197-11 of the Washington Administrative Code by reference:
Purpose of this part.
Inviting comment.
SEPA register.
Public notice.
Public hearings and meetings.
Effect of no comment.
Specificity of comments.
FEIS response to comments.
Consulted agency costs to assist lead agency.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21C.120. WSR 08-13-015, § 140-09-128, filed 6/6/08, effective 7/7/08. Statutory Authority: Chapter 43.21C RCW. WSR 85-03-004 (Order 3, Resolution No. 103), § 140-09-128, filed 1/3/85.]
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