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PDFWAC 140-09-050

Lead agency determination and responsibilities.

(1) The corporation receiving an application for or initiating a proposal that involves a nonexempt action shall determine the lead agency for that proposal under WAC 197-11-050, 197-11-253, and 197-11-922 through 197-11-940.
(2) The corporation shall serve as the lead agency for all proposals by the corporation. When the total proposal will involve both private and corporation construction activity, it shall be characterized as either a private or a corporation project for the purposes of lead agency designation, depending upon whether the primary sponsor or initiator of the project is the corporation or a private party. Any project in which corporation and private interests are too intertwined to make this characterization shall be considered a corporation project.
(3) When the corporation is not the lead agency for a proposal, the corporation shall use and consider, as appropriate, either the DNS or the final EIS of the lead agency in making decisions on the proposal. The corporation shall not prepare or require preparation of a DNS or EIS in addition to that prepared by the lead agency, unless required under WAC 197-11-600. In some cases, the corporation may conduct supplemental environmental review under WAC 197-11-600.
(4) If the corporation receives a lead agency determination made by another agency that appears inconsistent with the criteria of WAC 197-11-253 or 197-11-922 through 197-11-940, it may object to the determination. Any objection must be made to the agency originally making the determination and resolved within fifteen days of receipt of the determination, or the corporation must petition the department of ecology for a lead agency determination under WAC 197-11-946 within the fifteen-day time period. Any such petition on behalf of the corporation may be initiated by the president of the Washington state convention and trade center.
(5) The corporation is authorized to make agreements as to lead agency status or shared lead agency duties for a proposal under WAC 197-11-942 and 197-11-944; provided that the responsible official approves the agreement.
(6) The corporation, making a lead agency determination for a private project shall require sufficient information from the applicant to identify which other agencies have jurisdiction over the proposal (That is: Which agencies require nonexempt licenses?).
(7) When the corporation is the lead agency for a MTCA remedial action, the department of ecology shall be provided an opportunity under WAC 197-11-253(5) to review the environmental documents prior to public notice being provided. If the SEPA and MTCA documents are issued together with one public comment period under WAC 197-11-253(6), the corporation shall decide jointly with ecology who receives the comment letters and how copies of the comment letters will be distributed to the other agency.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21C.120. WSR 08-13-015, § 140-09-050, filed 6/6/08, effective 7/7/08. Statutory Authority: Chapter 43.21C RCW. WSR 85-03-004 (Order 3, Resolution No. 103), § 140-09-050, filed 1/3/85.]
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