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PDFWAC 139-35-015

Firearms certification—Application.

(1) Any application for firearms certification shall:
(a) Be filed with the commission on a form provided by the commission;
(b) Be signed by the principal owner, principal partner, or corporate officer of the licensed private investigator agency employing the applicant;
(c) Establish through required documentation or otherwise that applicant:
(i) Is at least twenty-one years of age; and
(ii) Possesses a valid and current private investigator license, if applicable.
(d) Be accompanied by payment of a processing fee as set by the commission.
(2) After receipt and review of an application, the commission will provide written notification within ten business days to the requesting agency regarding applicant's eligibility to obtain and possess a firearms certification.
(3) An armed private investigator must be qualified by a firearms instructor certified by the commission and provide the commission with proof of the initial qualification for each firearm that he/she is authorized to use in the performance of his/her duties.
(4) It shall be the responsibility of the employer to insure that the armed private investigator demonstrates proficiency standards on an annual basis with each firearm that he/she is certified to use. Proficiency standards shall be set by the commission.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.101.080. WSR 10-04-090, § 139-35-015, filed 2/2/10, effective 3/5/10; WSR 08-08-018, § 139-35-015, filed 3/19/08, effective 4/19/08; WSR 03-07-098, § 139-35-015, filed 3/19/03, effective 4/19/03. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.101.080(2). WSR 92-02-041, § 139-35-015, filed 12/24/91, effective 1/24/92.]
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