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PDFWAC 139-09-020

Requirements of training for law enforcement personnel.

(1) The following law enforcement personnel are subject to the requirements of this chapter:
(a) All general authority Washington peace officers;
(b) Reserve peace officers who have completed a reserve academy as per WAC 139-05-810 or 139-05-825; and
(c) Certified tribal police officers as defined in RCW 43.101.157.
(2) Annually, every peace officer must complete the commission's two-hour online crisis intervention course as part of the officer's annual twenty-four-hour in-service training requirement (WAC 139-05-300). Successful completion will include a passing score of eighty percent or higher on the online test given at the conclusion of the training.
(3) Each recruit as part of the basic law enforcement academy or Washington state patrol academy will successfully complete the eight-hour block of crisis intervention training. (RCW 43.101.427)
(4) Every general authority Washington peace officer that did not complete eight-hours of crisis intervention training as part of their basic law enforcement academy or Washington state patrol academy shall complete a training of not less than eight hours and shall be substantially similar in hours and content to the training offered through the basic training academy, or show proof of successful completion of an enhanced CIT program after January 1, 2008. Each attendee of the program shall be required to obtain written proof of completion of the program as provided by rules of the commission. (RCW 43.101.427)
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.101.080 and 43.404.427. WSR 19-07-038, ยง 139-09-020, filed 3/14/19, effective 4/14/19.]
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