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PDFWAC 137-91-050

Audits and recovery in purchasing health care services.

The secretary may establish rules and procedures for selectively and/or randomly auditing the accuracy of fees and the medical billings submitted to the department. The department, or its agent, may review the offender's community health care record to assure that the offender received the services for which the bill was submitted.
Whenever an audit establishes that the services rendered were not authorized or medically necessary, the department shall not pay the cost for such services nor shall the offender be held accountable for such costs.
The secretary is authorized to seek recovery when the department identifies that a health care practitioner or facility is not entitled to the billed fees. The practitioner or facility is liable for any excess payment received and must repay the excess payment plus accrued interest on the excess payment at the rate of one percent per month for each month for the period from the date which the payment was made to the date upon which payment is made to the department.
[WSR 97-22-057, § 137-91-050, filed 11/3/97, effective 12/5/97. Statutory Authority: RCW 72.01.050, 72.01.090 and 72.09.050. WSR 84-16-066 (Order 84-11), § 137-91-050, filed 7/30/84, effective 9/4/84. Formerly WAC 275-91-050.]
Reviser's note: Under RCW 34.05.030 (1)(c), as amended by section 103, chapter 288, Laws of 1988, the above section was not adopted under the Administrative Procedure Act, chapter 34.05 RCW, but was published in the Washington State Register and codified into the Washington Administrative Code exactly as shown by the agency filing with history notes added by the code reviser's office.
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