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PDFWAC 137-57-050

Site selection.

(1) When the department is seeking a work/training release site, the secretary will appoint:
(a) A search committee which shall conduct a search for possible locations in the manner it deems appropriate; and
(b) An advisory committee composed of local elected or public officials, local law enforcement personnel, interested citizens, and department staff.
(2) After the sites have been identified, the search committee shall submit a description of them to the advisory committee for review. The advisory committee's review shall evaluate the following factors:
(a) The cost of acquiring the use of the site, and the cost of improvements that would be required to renovate, repair, remodel, or alter the site to make it suitable for a work release program;
(b) The desirability of the site for program activities;
(c) The access to public transportation available at the site;
(d) The community impacts associated with the site; and
(e) The zoning restrictions applicable to the geographical area in which the site is located.
(3) After it completes its review, the advisory committee shall submit its recommendations to the secretary, and the secretary may give preliminary approval to one of the recommended sites.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 72.65.100. WSR 84-11-032 (Order 84-05), § 137-57-050, filed 5/14/84; WSR 82-08-055 (Order 82-06), § 137-57-050, filed 4/5/82.]
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