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PDFWAC 137-56-010


(1) "Secretary" is the secretary of the department of corrections or their designee.
(2) "Department" is the department of corrections.
(3) "Partial confinement" means confinement for no more than one year in a facility or institution operated or utilized under contract by the state or any other unit of government, or, if home detention, electronic monitoring, or work crew has been ordered by the court or home detention has been ordered by the department as part of the community parenting program or the graduated reentry program for no more than 18 months, in an approved residence, for a substantial portion of each day with the balance of the day spent in the community. Partial confinement includes reentry center, home detention, work crew, electronic monitoring, and a combination of work crew, electronic monitoring, and home detention.
(4) "Home detention" is a subset of electronic monitoring and means a program of partial confinement available to individuals wherein the individual is confined in a private residence 24 hours a day, unless an absence from the residence is approved, authorized, or otherwise permitted in the order by the court or other supervising agency that ordered home detention, and the individual is subject to electronic monitoring.
(5) "Administrative termination" is the nondisciplinary reclassification of an individual from partial confinement to total confinement by the administrator/designee if they determine placement is no longer viable and/or if the circumstances of placement create a risk to the community, participant, child, or family, or the individual self-terminates, is no longer suitable, or fails to maintain placement requirements (e.g., no longer has viable housing options, medical condition, financial hardship, failing to maintain an operable telephone line).
(6) "Supervisor" is a staff member assigned by the administrators to administer and supervise a specific partial confinement program and includes their designee.
(7) "Community corrections officer" or "specialist" is a staff member also known as a "case manager" assigned by the community corrections supervisor/reentry center manager to supervise and counsel a caseload of individuals assigned to a reentry center or partial confinement program.
(8) "Contract staff" is the staff member(s) of an agency under contract to the department of corrections to provide housing and/or monitoring for reentry center individuals.
(9) "Partial confinement individual" is any individual committed to or transferred to the department's custody pursuant to a valid criminal conviction who has been approved by the department for placement in a designated reentry center or partial confinement program.
(10) "Sponsor-escort" is a responsible citizen screened and approved to escort and monitor an individual during official and social activities outside of the reentry center.
(11) "Reentry center" is an establishment approved for housing and monitoring of reentry center individuals during the individual's stay in a reentry center. It also includes individuals who have been screened and approved for placement on partial confinement programs.
(12) "Business" is a nine-hour day, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. excluding weekends and holidays.
(13) "Hearing officer" means an employee of the department authorized to conduct disciplinary/department hearings.
(14) "Hearings program administrator" means the administrator of the hearings unit of the department, or the hearing program administrator's designee.
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