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PDFWAC 137-56-010


(1) "Secretary" is the secretary of the department of corrections or his/her designee.
(2) "Department" is the department of corrections.
(3) "Work/training release facility supervisor" is a staff member assigned by the community corrections regional administrator to administer and supervise a specific work/training release facility and includes his/her designee.
(4) "Work/training release community corrections officer" is a staff member assigned by the work/training release facility supervisor to supervise and counsel a caseload of work/training release residents at a specific work/training release facility.
(5) "Contract staff" is the staff member(s) of an agency under contract to the department of corrections to provide housing and monitoring for work/training release residents.
(6) "Work/training release offender" is any offender committed to or transferred to the department's custody pursuant to a valid criminal conviction who has been approved by the department for placement in a designated work/training release facility.
(7) "Sponsor-escort" is a responsible citizen assigned to escort and monitor a resident during official and social activities outside of the work/training release facility.
(8) "Work/training release facility" is an establishment approved for housing and monitoring of work/training release residents during the resident's stay in a work/training release program.
(9) "One working day" is a nine-hour day, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. excluding weekends and holidays.
(10) "Hearing officer" means an employee of the department authorized to conduct disciplinary/department hearings.
(11) "Hearings program administrator" means the administrator of the hearings unit of the department, or the hearing program administrator's designee.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 72.01.090, 72.09.130, and 9.94.070. WSR 05-24-009 and 06-02-038, § 137-56-010, filed 11/28/05 and 12/28/05, effective 5/1/06. WSR 94-07-065, § 137-56-010, filed 3/14/94, effective 5/1/94. Statutory Authority: RCW 72.65.100. WSR 86-06-012 (Order 86-02), § 137-56-010, filed 2/21/86; WSR 82-08-055 (Order 82-06), § 137-56-010, filed 4/5/82. Formerly chapter 275-92 WAC.]
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