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PDFWAC 136-50-030

Duties of the county engineer.

The various duties and responsibilities of the county engineer are set forth in chapter 36.80 RCW. In addition to these specifically defined duties, the county engineer shall be guided by written policies regarding county road department operation as promulgated by the county legislative authority.
In this chapter and throughout Title 136 WAC, the term "county engineer" shall mean both "county road engineer" and "county engineer," as those terms are used in Title 36 RCW. See AGO Letter Opinion 1972 No. 049.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 36.78 RCW. WSR 22-03-084, § 136-50-030, filed 1/18/22, effective 2/18/22. Statutory Authority: Chapter 36.79 RCW. WSR 02-18-020, § 136-50-030, filed 8/22/02, effective 9/22/02.]
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