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PDFWAC 136-28-030

Coding detail.

(1) The county number shall be that particular number assigned to each county by the state office of financial management for county identification purposes.
(2) The county road log number shall be that particular five-digit number, including both leading and trailing zeros if applicable, assigned to each county road according to the county's latest county road log. No local names or numbers or other nomenclature shall be used in coding the road log number.
(3) The milepost shall be determined as accurately as practicable from a comparison of information on the collision report with the latest county road log.
(4) Collisions at an intersection with a state highway will be coded by the state department of transportation.
(5) To ensure uniformity, collisions at the intersection of any two county roads shall be coded to a road in the following priority order:
(a) The road with the higher functional class;
(b) The road that is the through route;
(c) The road with the lower road number.
(6) Collisions on roads and/or at intersections with dual city-county or county-county responsibilities shall be coded in general accordance with the procedures outlined herein based on a mutual understanding between the several jurisdictions involved.
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