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PDFWAC 136-25-030

Eligible traffic law enforcement activities on county roads.

For purposes of maintaining RATA eligibility, should the legislative authority vote and budget to divert road levy funds, the following traffic law enforcement activities occurring in unincorporated county areas are the only activities that can be funded by county road levy funds.
(1) Speed limit and other traffic law enforcement;
(2) Collision investigation documenting/reporting;
(3) Oversize vehicle (weight, length, width, and height) enforcement;
(4) Special traffic emphasis patrols;
(5) Facilitating the removal of abandoned vehicles from the county road and rights of way;
(6) Facilitating the removal of roadway and right of way obstructions at the request of the county engineer;
(7) Investigating illegal littering and dumping on county road rights of way;
(8) Sign damage investigation and enforcement;
(9) Road condition enforcement, including mud, water, debris, or spills;
(10) Rights of way encroachment investigation and enforcement at the request of the county engineer;
(11) Maintenance and construction zone traffic enforcement;
(12) Road department vehicle special collision investigation at the request of the county engineer; and
(13) Other activities clearly related to county road law enforcement needs, as mutually agreed upon in writing by the county road engineer and the county sheriff. Disagreements shall be elevated to the county legislative authority.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 36.78 RCW. WSR 16-09-069, ยง 136-25-030, filed 4/18/16, effective 5/19/16.]
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