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PDFWAC 136-163-020


For the purposes of this chapter, the term "emergent nature" as used in RCW 36.79.140 shall mean both "emergent" and "emergency" projects as follows:
(1) Emergency project: Work of either a temporary or permanent nature which restores roads and bridges to the predisaster condition and may include reconstruction to current design standards. This work is the result of a sudden natural or man-made event which results in the destruction or severe damage to RATA-eligible roadway sections or structures such that, in the consideration of public safety and use, the roadway sections or structures must be immediately closed or substantially restricted to normal traffic. Work of an emergency nature is also beyond the scope of work done by a county in repairing damages normally or reasonably expected from seasonal or other natural conditions, and is beyond what would be considered maintenance, regardless of how extensive the maintenance may be.
(2) Emergent project: RATA-eligible work necessitated by sudden and unanticipated development, growth, access needs, or legal decisions. This work is not the result of an emergency situation as previously defined. This work, in consideration of good transportation capital facilities management, will also require a county to commit resources beyond its current six-year transportation program and prior to the next six-year transportation program annual update as provided for in RCW 36.81.121.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 36.79 RCW. WSR 99-01-021, § 136-163-020, filed 12/7/98, effective 1/7/99. Statutory Authority: RCW 36.79.060. WSR 96-17-014, § 136-163-020, filed 8/12/96, effective 9/12/96.]
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