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PDFWAC 132R-118-040

Operation of bicycles, motorcycles, motorscooters, snowmobiles, skateboards, skates, in-line skates and all-terrain vehicles.

(1) No bicycle, motorcycle, or motorscooter may be operated on sidewalks, walkways, lawns, or other property not set aside for such purposes on the Big Bend Community College campus.
(2) Bicycles, motorcycles, motorscooters, and all-terrain vehicles may be operated any place where automobiles or other motor vehicles are permitted.
(3) Snowmobiles, skateboards, skates and in-line skates are prohibited as a means of transportation or recreation on campus property.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140 and chapter 34.05 RCW. WSR 03-15-063, § 132R-118-040, filed 7/14/03, effective 8/14/03. Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140. WSR 90-02-019, § 132R-118-040, filed 12/26/89, effective 1/26/90; Order 73-4, § 132R-118-040, filed 3/23/73.]
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