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PDFWAC 132Q-20-110

Right to appeal permit revocation/refusal.

When a student parking permit has been recalled pursuant to WAC 132Q-20-090, or has been refused in accordance with WAC 132Q-20-100, or when a fine or penalty has been levied against a violator of the rules set forth in this chapter, such action by the chief administration officer or designee, may be appealed pursuant to WAC 132Q-108-050. Employees of Community Colleges of Spokane shall appeal permit revocations, refusals to grant permits, and fines or penalties levied for violations to the chief administration officer whose decision on the matter is final.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140. WSR 15-13-123, § 132Q-20-110, filed 6/16/15, effective 7/17/15; WSR 11-23-162, § 132Q-20-110, filed 11/22/11, effective 12/23/11; WSR 03-18-021, § 132Q-20-110, filed 8/25/03, effective 9/25/03; WSR 00-14-007, § 132Q-20-110, filed 6/26/00, effective 7/27/00; WSR 92-14-036, § 132Q-20-110, filed 6/24/92, effective 7/25/92; WSR 90-21-021, § 132Q-20-110, filed 10/8/90, effective 11/8/90; WSR 87-16-010 (Resolution No. 27), § 132Q-20-110, filed 7/23/87; Order 73-4, § 132Q-20-110, filed 2/23/73; Order 71-4, § 132Q-20-110, filed 7/26/71.]
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