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PDFWAC 132Q-07-060


The appropriate president or designee of the college in the instance of any event that is determined to be disruptive of order, impedes the movement of vehicles or persons; or threatens to disrupt the movement of persons from college facilities or grounds, shall have the power and authority to:
(1) Give notice against trespass by any manner provided for by law, to any person(s), or group against whom the privilege has been withdrawn or who have been prohibited from entering on or remaining upon any or all portions of a college facility; or
(2) Prohibit the entry of, or withdraw the privilege of a person(s) or any group to enter or remain on all or any portion of a college facility or the entire college district; or
(3) Order any person(s), or group to leave or vacate all or any portion of a college facility or grounds.
Any student or nonstudent who shall disobey a lawful order given by the president, or designee, pursuant to the requirements of this section, shall be subject to disciplinary action and/or referred to law enforcement for possible criminal charges.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140. WSR 12-05-105, § 132Q-07-060, filed 2/21/12, effective 3/23/12; WSR 03-18-021, § 132Q-07-060, filed 8/25/03, effective 9/25/03.]
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