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PDFWAC 132P-116-140

Parking within designated spaces.

(1) Any person parking a vehicle at a college facility shall park the vehicle in designated parking areas only. These areas are marked by curbs, signs, or white or yellow line(s). Parking on or over a line constitutes a violation.
(2) No vehicle may be parked on any area that has been landscaped or designated as a walkway or pathway (paved or unpaved), except for college vehicles, emergency vehicles, or approved agents.
(3) No vehicle may be stopped, parked, or left at a college facility in a designated permit area without a valid parking permit, with the exception of trucks or cars making deliveries.
(4) No vehicle shall be parked on campus for a period in excess of seventy-two hours, unless approved in advance by the campus security office. Vehicles which have been parked in excess of seventy-two hours shall be impounded and stored at the expense of either or both owner and operator.
(5) All vehicles shall obey traffic arrows and other markings established for the purpose of directing traffic on campus.
(6) No vehicle shall be parked in such a manner that it occupies any portion of more than one parking space as designated within the parking area. The fact that other vehicles may have been so parked as to require the vehicle to occupy a portion or more than one space or stall shall not constitute an excuse for violating this section unless weather conditions make this impossible.
(7) No vehicle shall be parked in such a manner that it interferes with traffic, creates a hazardous condition, hinders maintenance or emergency vehicles, or otherwise interferes with the operation of the college.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140. WSR 11-05-016, § 132P-116-140, filed 2/4/11, effective 7/1/11; WSR 97-19-026, § 132P-116-140, filed 9/8/97, effective 10/9/97. Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140(10). WSR 80-12-026 (Order 21-80, Resolution No. 21-80), § 132P-116-140, filed 8/27/80.]
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