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PDFWAC 132N-156-570

Bicycle parking.

Bicycles shall be parked in bicycle racks or other facilities provided for the purpose. Bicycles may only be parked inside a building if specific areas (i.e., indoor bicycle lockers) have been provided and are available or if a college employee (faculty or staff) has expressed written permission from their immediate supervisor to park a bicycle inside a building.
Before authorizing an employee to park inside of a building, supervisors must ensure that any bicycles parked inside will not interfere with the daily operations of the work area(s) nor will they obstruct any evacuation or egress routes in any way. Bicycles are not to be taken onto any elevator at any time.
At no time shall a bicycle be parked against a building, near a building exit, on a path or sidewalk, or chained (or otherwise secured) to trees, lamp standards, utilities, stairway railings, or sign posts. Any bicycle found in violation of this section may be cited for illegal parking and impounded by the security and safety department without warning.
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