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PDFWAC 132M-141-120

Scheduling and reservation practices.

The primary purpose of college facilities is to serve the instructional programs of the college. However, the facilities, when not required for scheduled college use, may be available for use in accordance with current fee schedules and other relevant terms and conditions for such use.
College facilities may not be used by individuals or groups from outside the college unless the facilities including buildings, equipment, and land have been reserved.
In determining whether to accept a request for the use of college facilities, the designated facilities rental coordinator shall use as guidelines the mission of the college and the following items, listed in priority order:
(1) Lower Columbia College instruction, scheduled programs and activities.
(2) Major college events.
(3) Noncollege (outside individual or organization) events.
Arrangements for use of college facilities must be made through the designated facilities rental coordinator. Application for the use of facilities and grounds shall be made no later than ten working days prior to the date the event is scheduled to occur.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140. WSR 18-18-025, ยง 132M-141-120, filed 8/27/18, effective 9/27/18.]
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