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PDFWAC 132K-116-090

Visitors and guests.

Section 17.
(1) All visitors, guests, salesmen, maintenance or service personnel, and all other members of the public who are not college employees or students will park in available space as directed by the college parking booth attendant without paying a fee, including the following:
(a) Members of the board of trustees and other designated by the college may be given complimentary annual permits.
(b) Federal, state, county, city, and school district personnel on official business and in vehicles with tax exempt licenses will be admitted without charge.
(c) Vehicles owned by contractors and their employees working on campus construction will be parked in designated areas, if available, without charge.
(d) Visiting academic or administrative personnel from other colleges or universities and guest speakers will be parked without charge upon presentation of a guest permit. Responsibility for naming parking arrangements for guests will rest with the sponsoring college department or division.
(e) Members of the press, television, and radio on official business will park without charge.
(f) Taxis will be admitted without charge for pick-up and delivery but will not be given free parking privileges.
(g) No parking fee will be charged visitors and guests attending special college events such as commencement. No parking fees will be charged for college and departmental events such as open house, symposiums, social and cultural events.
(h) Those covered by section 5 [WAC 132K-116-030].
(2) Special permits:
(a) Temporary or part-time employees, salesmen, maintenance and service personnel, and other visitors who must frequently visit the campus on college business, may be issued parking permits at the regular annual or quarterly fee or at the rate based on the regular annual fee, subject to the approval of the college physical plant director.
(b) The college parking office will assist college departments and divisions which sponsor functions such as conferences, seminars, dinners and similar events in arranging parking without collecting parking fees, only if prearranged with the parking office.
(3) Athletics, concerts, plays and other special events: Parking fees will not be charged for vehicles parked at athletics, concerts, plays and other special events held on campus after hours or on weekends.
[Order 31, § 132K-116-090, filed 9/17/76; Order 13, § 132K-116-090, filed 2/20/73.]
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