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PDFWAC 132F-121-250

Summary suspensions.

(1) A summary suspension is a temporary exclusion from specified college premises or denial of access to all activities or privileges for which the student might otherwise be eligible, during which an investigation and/or formal disciplinary procedures are pending.
Suspension may be imposed, if the vice president for student services or their designee(s) has cause to believe that any student:
(a) Has violated any provision of the code of conduct; and
(b) Presents an immediate danger to the health, safety or welfare of members of the college community; or
(c) If the student poses an ongoing threat of disruption of, or interference with, the operations of the college, that student may be summarily suspended.
(2) Notice. Any student who has been summarily suspended shall be served with written notice or verbal notice of the summary suspension. If such notice is made in writing, it shall be provided by certified mail and first class mail delivered to the student's last known address.
(3) The oral or written notice to the student shall include the reasons for summary suspension, duration of the summary suspension, and any possible additional disciplinary or corrective action that may be taken. The notification shall indicate that the student must appear before the vice president of student services or designee for a summary suspension hearing at a time specified in the notice. If oral notice is given, written notice shall follow within two calendar days. In addition, the vice president for student services or designee shall set a date for summary suspension hearing as soon as practicable.
(4) The student shall be given the opportunity to present written and/or oral evidence. The issue before the vice president for student services or designee shall be whether probable cause exists to support and to continue the summary suspension.
(5) The vice president for student services or designee shall issue a written order within two days of the informal hearing, including a brief statement of findings of fact, conclusions of law, and policy reasons for the decision to justify the determination of an immediate danger and the vice president's decision to take the specific action.
(6) If a student who has been summarily suspended fails to appear for a summary suspension hearing, the vice president for student services may order the suspension to remain in place pending the final disposition of the disciplinary process as provided in this section.
(7) The student may request a de novo review of the informal hearing decision before the student conduct committee. The review will be scheduled promptly. Either party may request the review to be consolidated with any other disciplinary proceeding arising from the same matter.
(8) Nothing herein shall prevent faculty members from taking summary action as may be reasonably necessary to maintain order in the classroom and/or prevent substantial disruption to the educational process. Such summary action in the form of removal from the classroom may not exceed one day per episode. Any such summary action may be appealed to the vice president for student services for a brief adjudicative proceeding.
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