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PDFWAC 132F-121-180

Student conduct committee.

(1) A student conduct committee at each college will hear all disciplinary cases at that college which are referred to it by the vice president for student services or appealed to it by a student. For purposes of WAC 132F-108-020 and any other requirements, the district trustees and chancellor and each college president designate (a) the committee provided for herein to serve as presiding officer to hear the described student disciplinary matters and (b) the committee chair both to handle and decide procedural matters (as provided herein) and to preside at the hearing.
(2) This committee shall be composed of the following three members:
(a) One administrator or exempt employee, appointed by the college president;
(b) One member of the faculty, appointed by the college president; and
(c) One student, appointed by the president of the recognized student government organization.
(3) Each appointment shall be accompanied by the appointment of two alternates. Each member and alternate shall serve for the academic year or until a replacement is appointed, whichever is longer. When a member is not available for a hearing, the committee chair shall designate an alternate to replace them for that hearing. If a member or alternate ceases to serve, a successor shall be promptly appointed. A member or alternate may be reappointed in any role.
(4) The administrator or exempt employee shall be the committee chair.
(5) A committee member is subject to disqualification for bias, prejudice, interest, or as further provided in RCW 34.05.425.
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