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PDFWAC 132C-122-010


Current and former students are expected to meet their financial obligations to the college. To the extent otherwise permitted by law, in response to a student's failure to pay a debt owed to the college the college may:
(1) Initiate collection actions; or
(2) Make collections from funds received from or on behalf of a student; and/or
(3) Deny or withhold:
(a) Admission to the college; and
(b) Registration at the college; and
(c) The conferral of degrees or certificates; and
(d) The issuance of academic transcripts; and
(e) The provision of other services, including refunds.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 28B.50 RCW. WSR 13-20-001, § 132C-122-010, filed 9/18/13, effective 10/19/13; WSR 78-09-009 (Order 19, Resolution No. 47-0678), § 132C-122-010, filed 8/7/78.]
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