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PDFWAC 131-16-093

Types of professional-technical education certificates.

In issuing certificates for full-time and part-time professional-technical instructors, as identified in WAC 131-16-092 (3) and (4), the college district shall utilize the following nomenclature and shall meet the standards set forth below as a minimum:
(1) Teaching personnel.
Initial certification.
(a) Upon hire, teaching personnel will be issued initial certification by the chief professional-technical administrator. Initial certification lasts three years. The initial certification process includes documentation of a professional development plan which identifies priorities for professional growth as specified in WAC 131-16-094. An initial certificate is not renewable for professional-technical instructors.
Standard certification.
(b) Standard certification will be issued by the chief professional-technical administrator upon completion of the requirements for initial certification. Standard certification must be renewed on a five-year cycle. To maintain standard certification, professional-technical instructors must develop and complete a professional development plan as specified in WAC 131-16-094.
(c) The hiring institution shall hold an orientation for all new full-time professional-technical instructors. The orientation outline must be on file at each campus.
First aid and CPR.
(d) A current first-aid certificate, including CPR and bloodborne pathogens, must be earned by professional-technical instructors prior to the second quarter of employment in professional-technical programs where the instructional environment brings students into physical proximity with machinery, electrical circuits, biologicals, radioactive substances, chemicals, flammables, intense heat, gases under pressure, excavations, scaffolding, ladders, and/or other hazards. Responsibility for ensuring that appropriate staff has first-aid training will rest with the assigned chief professional-technical administrator. The specific type of first-aid program, including CPR, required of professional-technical instructors shall be achieved by passing a course of first-aid/CPR/bloodborne pathogen instruction and participation in practical application of subject matter determined and required by the department of labor and industries. Specifically excluded from conformance to the first-aid requirement are:
(i) Those instructors who teach related subjects to professional-technical students, i.e., mathematics, English, or communications skills, etc., when such subjects are taught in classrooms rather than shops or laboratories.
(ii) Physicians, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and others when their occupational competencies and training include first-aid knowledge and skills equal to or superior to that represented by the first-aid certification being required under these regulations.
(2) Chief professional-technical administrators.
Upon hire, the chief professional-technical administrators will be issued initial certification. To maintain certification, the chief professional-technical administrator must develop and complete a professional development plan that includes as a minimum his/her ability to use the professional-technical faculty skill standards to guide and support the professional development of the professional-technical instructors they supervise.
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