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PDFWAC 118-40-020

Purpose and scope.

It is the purpose of this chapter to implement the provisions of EPCRA in the state of Washington to establish a mechanism for compliance by state and local governmental agencies and industry. This chapter is promulgated under the general policy and rule-making authority of the military department as established by RCW 38.52.030(2); 38.52.050 (1) and (3); and 43.63A.060.
Compliance with the requirements of EPCRA, as recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, is regarded as compliance with the provisions of this chapter. Where federal regulations are duplicated or referred to in this chapter, EPCRA citations are provided. This chapter is not intended to mandate any new compliance requirements beyond those required by EPCRA.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 38.52 RCW and Public Law 99-499. WSR 98-07-028, § 118-40-020, filed 3/11/98, effective 4/11/98. Statutory Authority: RCW 38.52.030(2), 38.52.050 (1), (3) and 43.63A.060. WSR 88-19-025 (Order 88-05), § 118-40-020, filed 9/12/88.]
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